2017 Autumn 360 Class Timetable

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fitness class timetable

Which class would suit YOU?

All classes are open to non-members –

Please see separate page for Yoga, Pilates & Barre Concept and take note of class dates.

Please take note of any class changes or cancellations below in capitals! 

  • NEW 360 Slam

    An exciting class using wall balls, bodyweight & core.


    A fun and different way to exercise and suitable for all ages and abilities.

  • NEW 360 Strength, Balance & Mobility

    A new class combining specific strength, flexibility, and balance exercises using light weights, bodyweight and mat work at lower intensity with control and good form.

  • NEW 360 Acid Spin

    A dynamic spin class ideal to develop cycling fitness and strength. Working through sets and drills hitting aerobic and lactic acid thresholds. Or use it simply to get fit and lose weight.

  • NEW 360 HIIT

    An interval based high intensity class ideal to torch fat and build fitness.

  • 360 Tabata

    This 15 minute class if followed correctly has been scientifically proven to be as effective as a 1 hour run or cycle. Simply turn up, warm up and complete the 4 minutes of high intensity intervals to leave you burning calories all day long!

  • 360 BodyMAX

    Very effective high energy studio class, based in intervals of intensity. Raises metabolism and burns fat fast.

  • Circuit Training (Sundays)

    Circuit training over time inside and outside, a great way to start your Sunday, open to all abilities. Why not bring the family along for a workout!

  • 360 TRX

    Our suspension training class offers a total body solution for strength, flexibility and especially core. A 30 minute class invaluable to your training.

  • 360 Seniors

    Offers essential training for strength, flexibility, balance and core stability. A popular class with a wide range of exercises which will leave you feeling rejuvenated, uplifted both physically and mentally.

  • 360 Tone & Condition

    One of the most popular classes of lower intensity, but lacking nothing. A total body workout using light dumbbells, core exercises and mat work. Our take on the old legs, bums and tums (and arms).

  • 360 Box

    Boxing fitness is renowned for getting fit and losing weight effectively. Our classes’ torch calories offering pad boxing, drills, bags and ring work. Men and women welcome.

  • 360 GymFit

    A total body high energy workout suitable for men and women. Varying each week offering all round fitness using both our indoor and outdoor gym weather permitting.

  • The 360 Workout

    Our take on the challenging & legendary ‘300 workout’ created for the film 300. 360 Repetitions , 8 challenging exercises and no time to do it in, a total body killer workout with complete supervision, technical advice and Spartan style motivation!

  • 360 Teenage Training

    Teenage training with Tim Rew. This class focuses on both weight training (improving strength whilst ensuring correct form) and cardiovascular training to help with fitness and/or weight loss. The exercises will be aimed at all levels and can be scaled up or down according to ability. You do not need to book this class – simply turn up! The price for this class will be £5.50 which is our student rate. Tim Rew also offers Teenage Personal Training, Mondays at 5:30pm. The cost for this training is higher at £10.00 per child as we limit numbers to a maximum of 4 to ensure a more tailored session. For more information please email Tim Rew, timr@freestyle360.co.uk

  • 360 Sculpt

    A studio based class designed for women who want to tone and condition. A variety of exercises to hit your legs, bums and tums. Suitable for any women who wants to keep fit and tone up.