With years of experience and tried and tested training regimes 360 offers total support and the very best in personal training. Our package gives you the full circle (360) of training for:


  • Effective weight loss & obesity
  • Specialized training for all conditions such as type II diabetes, CHD (heart related problems) High Blood pressure & cholesterol, arthritis, back pain, depression, poor posture and post-operative conditioning
  • Qualified pre & post natal training
  • Sports conditioning & coaching

Our unique personal training model offers you complete support and guidance from the moment you walk through our doors and includes:

  • Simple yet comprehensive health appraisal
  • Postural & physical assessment
  • Body Composition & physical analysis
  • The complete training package including; Personal training, nutritional advice, lifestyle adjustments and ongoing targeting.

Our 360 Personal Training is the most complete solution for personal wellbeing, supporting you from the very first contemplation with direction allowing you to act and succeed. We look forward to changing the way you feel about yourself and listening to what you need.